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Combining Video Marketing and Article Marketing – Does it Work?

Article Marketing is undoubtedly a good way to increase the amount of traffic visiting your website as it provides more links to your websites and gets people interested enough to come and look at your site. Similarly video marketing (YouTube videos with your link in) can also provide a steady stream of traffic to your site; so combining the two methods seems like an ideal way of generating more traffic for your website.

It is best to use as many methods as possible to get more traffic to your site, but at the same time you don’t want to spread your efforts too thinly. So concentrating on these two methods in combination seems like a winner. Of course if you start concentrating mainly on these two methods then gradually over time decrease the amount of work you are doing it could start to affect the amount of traffic you get on a weekly basis. For example on readers can subscribe to an article author and are alerted every time a new article is published. If such articles become fewer and fewer, people may unsubscribe, thinking that if the author has run out of topics to write about to continue bringing traffic to their site, it can’t be a very interesting or valuable-to-them topic.

Of course any articles that have already been published will continue to accumulate views, unless for some reason the article is taken down or deleted, the link to your website will continue to be seen, provided it is a good topic that the readers will find interesting and useful to them, and it is worth their time to read it.

Also the more interesting the article is the more likely it is that people will publish it and use it elsewhere (keeping your links intact, hopefully) thus making more links to your site.

Video Marketing is another good method for gaining more traffic to your site, as it spreads the word about services that you provide along with the links so the people can get there. Using YouTube as your video ‘host’ is a great idea as gets more daily visitors than Google does so you are likely to get a good amount of traffic from one video should you use the right keywords and tags for your video. Also the more good videos you have, the more subscribers you’ll get, thus increasing your views on other videos. The internet is also becoming more ‘video-friendly’ and people like to be able to ‘see’ what they are learning about as in some cases it will make it easier to remember.

So if you are thinking of concentrating all your efforts on two main methods then these are possibly the best methods to use for gaining more traffic to your website.

Source by Madeline Dyer

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