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Vision Mapping – 3 Reasons to Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very hot marketing and advertising tool to use to promote any of your products, services, business and event entities. There are several different kinds of video venues that are available and all of them work well, however, we are going to discuss only three of what I think are the most effective and why.

1. This is my favorite as it has many multi facets to it and I feel that has the potential to keep prospective clients to keep coming back to view it, hence repeat traffic to your website or blog. The video I am suggesting is one with a message along with images of whatever your subject is, it can also be referred to subliminal messages, you are promoting what you want your client to purchase and/or use but it is also servicing a personal connection with the words and images. Your advertisement is inserted between the images and words and then at the end, and by watching the video the viewer’s personal life is enriched. So basically you are reaching them on a very personal level and they will feel drawn to your product, service, business or event.

2. Here we will mention the video of you as a person presenting your product, service, business or event and you are the star of your own video and the prospective client gets to meet you sort of “face to face”; this is a nice touch and seems very effective and YouTube is full of these videos. If you have watched these videos you will be aware of the ones that keep your attention and are of good quality and presented in a professional manner. You want someone to take this video for you that can produce it in a quality that represents how you want your business to be represented.

3. Humor is a wonderful way to go, so then a video that has a cartoon quality to it sometimes is the best way to attract a certain market audience, again you want this to be presented in a professional manner as it is representing you as a professional business and prospective clients are going to view your business according to your video. It can be a cartoon production; however, you want it to be a quality video for viewing.

Review these possibilities and see which ones fit best for your purpose, you may even find that all of them will accommodate your purposes for different products and/or services. The main suggestion I can give is to have your video be a professional production as it is a direct representation of you and your business and this will usually be your first impression to a client, and we all know how important a first impression is.

Source by Darlene Siddons

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