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Video Marketing – How To Create A Squeeze Page Video

Video in online marketing today is simply HOT! There is no doubt.

If you’re an online marketer, then chances are pretty good that you’re either already using video in your marketing, or your COMPETITORS already are.

But why video on a squeeze page? Squeeze pages by their very nature are short. They’re quick to the point, so that as a successful internet marketer, you now have an active LEAD as opposed to a visitor who came to your site and bounced away.

Stats and traffic analysis are important, so late in 2007 I conducted an experiment, where I took a squeeze page with NO video and added one, to see the impact on conversions. The results were staggaring! A whopping 700% increase! Why? Because we live in a society of audio learners. We want to be SPOON-FED and information delivered to us in a short video is more likely to be absorbed than a lengthy page of text that has to be READ.

Now yes this is a controversial opinion. Copywriters may disagree. Many often say that 10 pages of compelling sales copy is essential to strong conversion rates. But the proof is in the pudding – a 700% (plus) increase simply can’t be ignored.

So what do you need for a squeeze page video? There are only three things.

(1) Quality graphics

(2) A video with a compelling message

(3) An opt-in box

The fourth element is optional, which is sales copy (text). If you’re going to have text on your page, it must be short for two reasons. First, you already have a video communicating the bulk of your message. And second, it’s NOT a sales page, so your only goal is to convert your visitor to a subscriber. They aren’t reaching for their credit card yet, but rather, deciding whether or not they want to begin a relationship with you – which of course can be terminated at any time.

Regardless of whether you include sales copy on your squeeze page or not, a quality video is essential. Your visitors are judging you – and anything less than excellence will tear down that impression in seconds. Since every visitor to your site is prescious, don’t drive them away by posting junk.

Source by Virginia Culp

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