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Are There Any Bonafide Work From Home Opportunities?

When you find your self wanting or needing to be at home while still making a living, it can be frustrating to make it happen.

Are there any bonafide work from home opportunities? That is the question you begin to ask yourself because it seems that everyone has an idea to share with you that is working for them.

For several years, I have personally been on this trek. I have searched for a bonafide work at home opportunity in order to make extra income. I have searched through:

  1. MLMs such as Melaleuca, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Tupperware. Finding out that I still have to spend a 20-30 hours per week outside the house having parties and a lot of my time recruiting and lining my uplines’ pockets instead of my own.
  2. Placing ads for other people online. This came to me in my search about 10 years ago and was not as lucrative as it was promised. There was no support, a 2 inch thick training manual that talked in circles, not explaining how to optimize efforts or hours.
  3. Taking surveys. Just take so many surveys online and you will get paid up to $75 per survey. Well, I have done this, and my mom still does. Neither one of us have made enough to support a family. My mom keeps doing this, pretty much only for the free samples and occasional movie passes. No cash.
  4. You can also be a transcriptionist or do medical billing. The difficulty is that YOU are responsible for marketing your services to doctors, lawyers, writers or anyone who may need your services. Additionally, you will, typically, require training before you can take off with this and the equipment is several hundred dollars. If you find someone who will provide the equipment, you can potentially work 20-30 hours per week which will ultimately average you about $7 per hour (if you work fast enough).

Maybe we have all taken the wrong approach. Perhaps it isn’t that we need to be looking for a particular opportunity, but we needed to be looking for an education system that will make anything we do online a bonafide work at home opportunity.

Previously, my search was for convenience. I wanted to make some extra cash to pay off an extra bill or two. Recent developments have created a need to work from home full time because it is my desire to be an at home parent for my daughter. NOW, this search means more to me.

After deep research, I came across an online marketing school, if you will. Attached to this I have found mentors who have taken a very personal interest in my success.

If you are still asking if there are any bonafide work from home opportunities, the answer lies in the question. Do you want to be based out of your home but, spend your time on facials,cooking classes, hotel meetings or product parties? Or are you looking for an opportunity where you actually don’t have to leave home, you offer something that EVERYONE is searching for and you can be taught to turn a few switches that will make them chase you down for these products and information while literally only working 2-5 hours a day?

Once you have answered this question, you will be much better equipped to find the perfect work from home opportunity for you and your family.

Source by Dana Schilling

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