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Making Money Online In A Timely Fashion

Like me, I am sure you have seen many entrepreneurs earning so much money online. You get offered a product with a promise that you can earn so much from Internet Marketing.

You buy the product, only to be disappointed and find that you don’t succeed.

You then go onto another product only to find the same thing happens.

And so the story continues.

If this story sounds familiar, then you are as frustrated as I am with Internet Marketing.

As far as I am concerned, some of the reasons that I have not succeeded are as follows;

1 I believe the sales copy that I can earn zillions immediately and when it doesn’t happen I give up.

2 Despite the claims that “even a 12-year old can do this”, I find that the solution needs much more technical expertise than is claimed.

3 I try to sell the new “super product” straight away, only to find this does not work.

Despite all of this frustration I have kept patient with Internet Marketing and have remained determined to succeed. I am now succeeding for the following reasons:

1 I now realise that this is more like a marathon than a sprint. It may be a few months before I start to earn money, but the most important thing is to build a solid foundation to the business after which it is possible to earn a good residual income from Internet Marketing.

2 The technical issues disappear when you are shown in a step-by-step guide by video.

3 If you are selling products or services face-to-face it is possible to succeed on the 1st visit. However, when marketing over the Internet it has been shown that it can take up to 7 messages before somebody will buy from you.

Now that I have accepted these points I have stopped being diverted by the latest and greatest products and continue to build a good home-based-business which will give me a sustainable residual income.

Source by John Boy Hayes

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