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Fundraiser Cards – Practical and Profitable

Considering the economy has been in the dumps for about 4 years now, fundraiser cards just make more sense than other traditional methods of raising money, whether yours is a church group or other non-profit organization. Not only are the cards a practical choice, they're highly profitable as well; in fact, you will see that raising the funds you need is far easier and quicker than with candy bars, cookie dough, bake sales and the other methods typically used.

Today, consumers want to save money whether it's $ 100 or $ 5. Jobs are scarce, gas prices are starting to rise again, and prices on groceries will soar soon following the drought that has spanned across much of the nation. People just don't want to let go of what money they have for products or activities that aren't necessary. Fundraiser cards are practical, and make it easy for the customer to save a substantial amount of money over a one year time span on products and services they would spend money on regardless of economic conditions.

Another important reason to consider this form of raising funds is that it helps stimulate the economy in your own neighborhood. Because the merchant offers on the cards are targeted to your local area, it helps those merchants attract new customers. Even existing customers will visit the merchant more often to enjoy the discounts and buy-one-get-one free offers.

So, just how profitable are fundraiser cards ? Depending on the size of your group, you can raise $ 1,000 or tens of thousands. The more cards you purchase, the cheaper your cost per card which essentially means that the larger quantity you buy, the higher your profit margins. The average number of cards one individual can sell is 3, but some sell far more. So, if you have 50 people who will participate in selling the cards and they each sell 10, you have sold a total of 500. Your total profit in this example is $ 3,500, as you would pay $ 1,500 for the cards which would equal $ 5,000 in sales if every card sells.

If you have participated in fundraising for your church, sports group or other organization before, you know it takes a lot of candy bars to raise $ 3,500. Considering the fact that you have to store them somewhere, and that keeping them in the car in hot temperatures like we've experienced this summer is out of the question, fundraiser cards are the logical – and most profitable – choice for all of your fundraising needs. Do people really need cookie dough or candy bars when they can hardly afford to pay their household bills? You'll see that selling these cards is easy, because people really do love what they consider a bargain or way to save money.

Have favorite merchants in your area that you would like to be included on the cards? All you have to do is make a list of those you want included, and the company providing the fundraiser cards will contact those merchants to invited them to participate, although it cannot be guaranteed. It's the merchant's decision whether or not they would like to participate.

If you're looking for something different and fun, a practical and profitable way to bring in the funds your group needs, consider fundraiser cards. Less preparation, less work, no storage concerns and exceptional value – just makes good sense!

Source by Mark South

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