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Use Blekko Search Engine For SEO Analysis

Search engine optimization is part of every online business. In order to succeed you need to be found by major search engines. And not just found, you also need to be present in top search results. Search engines are getting smarter. This is especially true for Google. It is very hard to achieve top positions for many competitive search phrases. All you can do is to optimize your pages in such a way that they will be found as authority pages with useful content. Content is the most important factor to rank high in search results. But there are also other factors that determine your position in search results. Keywords, backlinks, anchor texts, unique content, SEO tools and promotion are topics of discussion in SEO communities.

There are many SEO tools. A lot of online services and desktop applications that search for keywords, analyze competition and look for link opportunities. Many SEO queries can be done with simple web search. Luckily there is one that pays special attention to search engine optimization. This search engine is Blekko. Blekko provides many useful parameters for any website you are interested in. You can check hostrank (Blekko's factor of authority), inbound links, outbound links, indexed pages, duplicated content, anchor texts, link analysis and much more.

Blekko's SEO features can be accessed with slash tags. For example, you can start searching by typing " / SEO" into Blekko search field and you will get basic SEO parameters. You can then browse for more information by clicking appropriate links. There is also a great tool where you can compare two or more websites. Blekko will then compare important SEO parameters: incoming links, incoming domains, link authority, indexed pages, etc. This is an excellent approach to see what your competition is using to achieve high rankings. Everything they can do is also available for you to implement it on your site.

Blekko differs from other search engines. It doesn't hide internals that determine ranking positions. You can check which factors contribute for high (or low) ranking and you can then take some actions to improve results. Having the ability to analyze your backlinks and also backlinks of your competitors is a great advantage. Blekko's slash tags provide a great extension to the classical web search provided by conventional search engines. Blekko goes beyond ordinary web search and provides it's users tools to see deeper and get custom and better search results.

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