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Perfecting Your Craft in Network Marketing VS Being Perfect

How many doctors do you know that started practicing medicine their first day of schooling? In this article, I am going to talk to you about perfecting your craft in network marketing vs being perfect.

You Must Be Bad Before You Are Good

If you are worried about looking stupid when you are building your business, that might happen. You are likely to make some mistakes when you first get started. Don't worry about it too much because this is to be expected. People understand that you are new to this business and as you are perfecting your craft, people are going to see your progress.

Being okay with being bad before you are good is a must because without being bad and advancing toward good, you are not going to grow and get better. You can spend all your time being depressed about your business not building as quickly as you would like, or you can start working on yourself and your skills, so you can get results.

Read Books & Listen to Audios

You should be perfecting your craft in network marketing every day. Whether you are reading a network marketing specific book or listening to an audio to learn how to work with people better, these are all important. While you do not have to be perfect, you do want to be getting better. People can deal with someone that is working on themselves, but patience wears thin when people keep repeating the same mistakes repeatedly.


Keep working on yourself and getting better but also give yourself a break. You are not going to be perfect but if you want things to get better, you must get better. It all starts with the actions you take today.

Source by Jessica Lauren Vine

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